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Technology is always changing, and the eSIM is the way of the future for smartphones. Let’s look at what it means to convert to an eSIM.

What is an eSIM

Before we dive into how to switch to eSIM, it’s worth understanding what one actually is. As you probably already know, a SIM card is a small card that you put into your phone. We’ve been using these for years and you’ll need a SIM card to be able to use a phone plan to make calls, send texts and use the internet.

Usually, SIM cards are physical things that you remove from the casing and place into the SIM card slot in your phone. An eSIM, however, doesn’t come with a packet. Instead, it’s a small chip in your mobile phone that does everything a regular SIM card can do, except electronically (which is why it’s called an eSIM).

So, rather than pop in a chip, you’ll scan a QR code or follow a link sent by text that connects your phone automatically to the phone plan you’ve purchased. Using eSIMs means you can run multiple phone plans at once (just say, for instance, you had one just for international calls). You can switch between SIMs simply by using the settings on your phone.

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What does “Convert to eSIM Mean”?

Converting to eSIM will transfer all the data stored within your physical SIM card onto an eSIM chip. For example, let’s say I get a new phone with an eSIM chip instead of a SIM card slot. However, I like my current phone plan and don’t want to buy a new one. By “converting to eSIM,” I can transfer my number and coverage deal from the physical SIM card onto the eSIM, allowing me to use my new phone with the deal I like.

Benefits of converting to eSIM

The two key benefits of using eSIM are that you can use two SIM cards on the same phone and switch networks much more easily. As we said earlier, that can be helpful if you want to run two plans with different features, or if you have a second phone for work. With eSIM, you can quickly switch from your work SIM to your personal SIM on the same phone.

eSIMs make it super simple to change plans if you find a better deal. You don’t need to order your new SIM card, wait for it to arrive, take it out of the package, remove the SIM slot, and then insert the card like you’re playing Operation.

All you do is order a new eSIM and follow the plan provider’s instructions.

How to convert to eSIM

Converting a new iPhone:

If you have a new phone that allows eSIM, but you want to keep your current phone plan. Here’s what you do.

1. On your new iPhone, open Settings, Mobile Data, and Add Data Plan.

2. You should now see a list of transferable data plans. Select the one you want to turn into an eSIM.

3. You may need to tap “confirm” on your old iPhone or even enter a verification code.

4. Wait for the transfer to take place. This will usually be around 5 minutes.

5. You may get a banner on your new iPhone that says, “Finish Setting Up Your Network Provider’s Data Plan.” If you do, tap it, and you’ll need to finalise the transfer on your network provider’s webpage.

Converting from physical SIM to eSIM on the same iPhone:

Your iPhone may have both a SIM slot and an eSIM chip. Here is how to transfer the data from your iPhone’s physical SIM to the eSIM.

1. Settings, Mobile Data, Convert to eSIM

2. Select “Convert Mobile Data Plan.”

3. Select “Convert to eSIM.”

4. Wait for the eSIM to activate.

5. Remove the physical SIM and restart your iPhone.

Converting to an eSIM on Android:

To convert to e-SIM on Android, you need the app “Google Fi.” You can download this from Google Play Store. Make sure you are logged into the same Google Account on both your old and new Android devices.

1. Open the Google Fi app on your new phone.

2. Agree to the terms of service.

3. Select “Next.”

4. A box will pop up that says, “Your SIM will be downloaded soon” select “OK.”

5. A new page will say, “Move your number to this phone?”. Select “Yes, move number.”

6. Select Next.

7. Wait for the number to transfer.

eSIMs are the way forward for smartphones

Converting to eSIM is just one of the ways that eSIMs are becoming an increasingly common device. Almost all new phones come compatible with eSIM, and more and more plan providers are offering eSIM plans.

It’s a brilliant step forward because the eSIM makes changing plans simpler and instantaneous. It also frees up room inside the device itself. The eSIM gives you the advantage because it becomes even easier to compare and switch phone plans.

What Does Convert To eSIM Mean? | WhatPhone Guide (2024)


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