Planning the perfect Slingshot road trip | Polaris Slingshot (2024)


Planning the perfect Slingshot road trip | Polaris Slingshot (1)

There are few things as soul satisfying as a well-planned trip in a Polaris Slingshot. Whether it’s a week-long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, the feelings of anticipation, excitement and adventure as the trip nears never get old. The scenic views, twisting roads, small-town Americana and big-city lights are all out there—just waiting for you to roll in.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip

You might think the first decision is: “Where to?” But it’s sometimes best to figure out: “For how long?” Knowing you only have a few days will impact your range and how many stops you plan to make along the way. For longer trips, you have a little more flexibility, depending on your preference. Do you want to get to your destination quickly and stay a while, or take your time getting there with overnights along the way?

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Pick Out That Perfect Destination

Pick Out That Perfect Destination Once you have a general idea of how much time you have and what type of drive you want to take, pick a destination or an event that fits your preferences and start planning. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see in this country, near or far. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these articles.

Annual Rallies and Events >
Best Midwest Drives >

Start Thinking About How You’ll Get There

Consider picking a route that takes you off the main drag. Highways may get you there quicker, but they’re long, flat and often unexciting. Choosing smaller backroads or routes that are popular with motorcyclists offer a much more scenic option with less traffic and plenty of curves that flow naturally with the terrain.

Break Your Ride Up into Equal Parts

Unless you’re a “let’s-get-there-all-in-one-day” type, plan a few overnights along the way. Creating legs to your trip will make it feel more leisurely, allow you to take in more sights along those curvy routes and leave you feeling more relaxed once you reach your destination.


Pre-planning is important, but leave room for the unexpected when you’re on the open road. An unscheduled stop at a roadside diner, a quick detour to a national park or an extra night in a town that made you feel right at home make for life’s greatest adventures.

Check Weather, Traffic and Road Conditions

Before you head out, be sure to consider any weather or traffic conditions you might encounter in the areas you’ll be riding through. Both are available as map overlays in RIDE COMMAND. If you’ve never been on a particular road before, check local ride forums or groups for insights on the area. Local Slingshot dealers can also provide valuable information.

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Who’s Along for The Ride?

Are you going solo, or will you have someone in the passanger seat? Do you plan to head out withother Slingshot owners? All of these things can impact pre-ride planning, including how much you will be able to pack, whether you need to add extra storage, and if you need to think about managing and coordinating a group ride.

Packing and Preparation for Your Trip

Packing smart is essential for any road trip, but particularly important when you're heading out in your Slingshot. Being thoughtful with the space you have will go a long way toward a successful trip. Keep these things in mind when loading up.

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Clothing & Food

For shorter trips, you’ll want to stow a few versatile outfits. Anything longer than that, and you’ll want to consider finding a laundromat along the way. Also, be sure to save some space to pack snacks for a quick boost of energy and bottled water to keep you hydrated, especially in the warm summer months.

Gear & Supplies

Your Slingshot is an open air, open co*ckpit experience, so give some thought to the elements before you head out. Add a Slingshade or Excursion Top to keep the sun and rain off you, or pack hats, shades and rain gear (just in case) if you plan to go open top.

Finding A Place to Stay

Be sure to plan out hotel stays or rentals in advance at the towns you plan to hole up in for the evening. Pre-planning can be important, as you never know when small-town lodging might sell out, especially if there are events in the area you’re traveling to.

Tools for Roadside Maintenance

If you’re handy with your ride, you might consider reserving some space for a few maintenance essentials. A basic tool kit and a tire patch kit should do the trick. Of course, the best maintenance is preventive, so be sure to tune your Slingshot before any long road trips.

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Ride Planning Software with GPS Technology

Using a wayfinding app or GPS technology, like RIDE COMMAND, can help you navigate while you’re in unfamiliar places and make you feel more at ease. Spend less time worrying about making a wrong turn, finding the next place to eat and gas up, or losing someone from your group in traffic and enjoy the experience.

Learn more about RIDE COMMAND >

Make Sure Your Slingshot is Up to Date on Service

Check tire tread, tire pressure and oil level right before you leave. If your oil hasn’t been changed recently, get that done before any extended trips. If you want to do these things yourself, there are plenty of resources available to you, including information on how to change your oil. You can also purchase lubricants engineered specifically for your Slingshot.

You’re All Set. Time to Head Out.

Planning can get you excited for what’s ahead, but there’s no substitute for that feeling when you finally roll down your driveway and off on your multi-day road trip. That’s because Slingshot is perfection even in its most basic form. With or without upgrades you’ll be experiencing goosebumps and turning heads. And now you can head out confidently, knowing you’ve put in the pre-work and be open to the adventures that come your way.

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Planning the perfect Slingshot road trip | Polaris Slingshot (2024)


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